03 Feb 2017

Are you looking for Best Internet Marketing Company in India ?

Majesty Technologies Pvt.Ltd is a best seo company, based in New Delhi, India. Established in 2010, we are an absolute Internet and SEO Marketing company source that consults and gear your complete web support plan. This incorporates everything from re-designing your website, to SEO services, to Social Media Optimization to increasing online applications to engage your clients. As a Best Internet Marketing Company in India; we include a team of committed experts with over decades of SEO experience. Our groups of SEO experts are ardent on making your company grow by providing you top visibility on the search engine results pages.

Internet Marketing Services

Our internet marketing services contain the following:

  • SEO Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO, Local Listings
  • Lead Based Marketing
  • SEO Copywriting

Searching for best internet marketing company in India?

When it comes to Internet Marketing, India throws up abundance of choices. But, we have been a chosen vendor for SEO companies India; our offshore and onshore customers similarly have benefited extremely from our SEO marketing services, PPC campaign management, Social Media Optimization and other Internet marketing services.

The success of the group is embedded in its customer-centric approach. It highlights on present modified result so that the precise necessities of the customers can be met. Subsequent to vigilantly examining the requirements, the company prepares tactics for successful achievement of the assignment. Majesty Technologies Pvt.Ltd SEO firm India characterized by flexibility. It is in a place to provide any customer ranging from small business organization to international business. The contentment of the customers is the strength that drives the company towards its objectives withstanding the challenge of time.

 Why Outsource to Majesty Technologies?

Majesty Technologies is a best seo company offering matchless SEO Services at a reasonable charge. We have mastered the skill of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through years of practice and are competent of meeting your Internet Marketing and SEO objectives in the shortest achievable period at best rates.

Additionally, our SEO Services is customized to meet up individual needs. You can select from various SEO packages depending upon your necessities or drop a line to us if you require a custom quotation.

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03 Feb 2017

The Necessity of Online Marketing Services

Globalization and advancement in the world of internet have made a positive impact in the world of business. Business is now carried out online and a website of an entrepreneur has become the first point of contact between the consumers and the individual or organization that sells products or services. The concept of online shopping evolved with passing time and made all kinds of transactions a lot easier task. Online marketing and sales has now become the new happening thing and almost everyone with access to internet prefers to sit at home and order something online, instead of going out to the market and search for it. Now, people don’t even have to go through the telephone directories to find the telephone number and then call the service provider for any kind of service or product. Placing an order online has become more convenient and internet has also made it easier for consumers to find out the best available options both locally or internationally.

People today search the internet before making any kind of investment, be it for purchasing something or for any kind of services. They just type whatever they looking for on the search engines and generally click on the first few links that are shown by the search engine. So, the first few websites that came at the top did not get up there on their own. The ranking of these websites is mostly based on the optimization the companies that provide seo services. These organizations optimize the websites of their clients which help them get the best ranking to any related searches of the industry that they deal in.

Majesty Technologies is one of the best seo companies in India, which provides organic seo services and cheap seo services according to the budget of the client. They have an experience of more than 4 years and have successfully delivered excellent professional seo services along with Social media marketing for their clients.

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03 Feb 2017

Using Seo Services To Get In The Maximum Benefits for your websites

If you are living a dream of establishing the roots of your business into the marketplaces , and have not maintained an online website then you are living as a dumb person . In this technological era , you cannot imagine a fast growth of your business without promoting it online . Although , an online presence is not only which is necessary for business development.

What are SEO services?

Online sites of a company should be maintained in order to reach out a large number of people , which ensures large clientele bringing sale of a product resulting in larger profits. Maintaining an online website turns out a waste of time and energy if it has lower ranks. It is where , you need search engine optimization services which works on the poor visibility of a website on various search engines .

Why are SEO services necessary?

Are you wondering that how the rankings of your competitors increased online , despite of using the same techniques of promotion and sale of products as yours? Do you want to know the reason ? Then you should read this blog to take handful tips that will bring a ‘positive’ change in your business and will help you in achieving your goals.

  1. The first and the foremost reason of using SEO services is the content research. A content is the king of a website. Content attracts heavy traffic to a website which increases its ranks. The content should be informative, unique and accurate . It is the key responsibility of SEO to examine that the content is unique , appropriate and informative.
  2. After analyzing the products and the sale of a website , the key responsibility of SEO is to provide your company with keywords which helps in bringing the heavy traffic to your website. Being an expert In their field, SEO service provider knows what words a person would write for the search engines to search about the relevant products.

So if you have not appointed an SEO for your website yet , you should hurry up to appoint one. They ensure that your website is free from spams and unnatural links which act as a hurdle in your way of achieving success.

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03 Feb 2017

Best Search Engine Optimization Company in India

Majesty Technologies seemed to be started in next year as being a Internet Marketing services Providers Business with all the high quality Search engine optimization Do the job. Nowadays, Majesty Technologies features in excess of 100 clients in Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata and Mumbai together with offices in Jaipur, Kota along with Delhi.

Majesty Technologies identifies types and produces technology-enabled company answers that will help businesses earn inside a rivalry. Majesty Technology now offers a total selection of providers by leverage our site in addition to enterprise skills in addition to tactical alliances having leading technologies companies.

Majesty Engineering will be the total web alternative and internet based software advancement business that has consumed the authority function in offering total on-line promoting plus it ways of the organization businesses around the world. The ultimate aim would be to present intuitive solutions that have a distinctive individuality along with noise bargain.

The perfect throughout components infrastructure, protects advance of proud of the best possible equipment inside ground breaking engineering, in addition to the cautious defending regarding critical info. We all make use of Internet Servers much like the ‘Microsoft’ IIS plus the Apache Web server and also the sources including MYSQL Hosting server MySQL database. Our technique Milliseconds. Internet structures make certain creativity along with ethics for ones product or service.

Web optimization can be an technique of acquiring more plus much more business by means of internet site, like a business proprietor, you understand the significance of getting the site shown by your most significant key phrases (Expression simply by would you lookup online) around the initially page of all crucial yahoo and Google like; Search engines, Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, AOL and so on. After all, nearly all web surfers tend not to glimpse beyond this primary web page while looking for information, items, or perhaps solutions with these kinds of yahoo and Google. Thus, if you are not on the very first webpage then you definitely are unable to push prospective start up company. Located on the first page, on the other hand, could drastically

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03 Feb 2017

Penguin Panda Recovery SEO Program

If you have received any notification in the Google about the usage of unnatural back links, then you happen to be in issues. But, you don’t have to obtain panicked. All you need during those kinds of situations will be our tailored Unnatural Link Removal Answers.

By availing that Bad Link Removal solution, you are going to be getting optimum attention of some of the most experienced and also skilled professionals in the industry. These authorities will make certain that they tend to be properly analyzing after which auditing this profile of the incoming hyperlink. Once each link has become analyzed, the authorities will calculate the complete effects of such situations and definitely will contact it owners and also try just about every available method for persuade these to immediately take out their back links.

 Detailed Description in our Link Treatment Plan:

 • Total analysis of each Back hyperlink profile.

• Auditing individuals profile and also creating thorough report concerning them.

• Check whether the website has expired optimized associated with anchor word issues.

• Total removal of most bad junk mail techniques, Black Do not like methods or anything else which might have been affecting it.

• Each of our experts will also make certain that each and also every negative links have been completely removed or deleted.

• Within cases, where your experts are not able to contact it owner or are most of these owners tend to be relenting to achieve that, we will give you your thorough report of people link profiles.

• Total report is going to be provided concerning those links which are successfully taken off.

• Once most of the bad back links are taken off or deleted in the website, this automatically obtain saved via being penalized.

• The moment approximately 80% back links are taken off or removed, we will declare reconsideration inside Google Web site owner Tools.

• This customized service is really a monthly program. So, you can cancel that anytime.

• With your Link Treatment Plan, a web site gets ultimately free of the clutches of Handbook Spam Action in the time span of 120-150 nights.

• Cost of the customized program is $300/Month.

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10 Jan 2017

Become a Successful Freelance Designer and Developers

In this whole world almost 85% of the employees want to quit their job and start their own business or want to work as freelancer and it is really easy to become one. But most of them fail because they lack in project management. To become a successful freelancer you need to take care of some points which plays very important role to get clients trust. The trust factor is the most important thing which helps freelancers to get more projects and to make more money. So here we are, with the most important points which have to be considered if you want to start your career as freelancer.

  1. Getting Clients: As a freelancer the first thing you require is the The project is needed with which you have to start working. To get the projects you have to keep your account updated on LinkedIn, Guru or other website to get projects. It will help you to get the projects from worldwide. But you should not forget that the more projects you can get from your surroundings so you need to keep an eye in your surroundings to get the potential clients.
  2. Consultation: Before starting a project you need to understand the needs and requirements of the clients. You need to have a physical or virtual conversation with your client to understand what your client wants you to develop. It improves the mutual understanding between you and the client.
  3. Pitch: Consultation prepares you to make a pitch. Pitch can be of several forms, in this one show his/her preliminary works and a detailed brief about it. It explains the client what you intend to do and to go for the agreement accordingly. The pitch should be very effective in order to get agreement on that.
  4. Agreement: A letter of agreement is very important to make a formal relation with the client. You need to mention each and everything which seems important to you such as time duration for the completion of the work, fees for the work, additional charges for extra work etc. all should be added.
  5. Time Management: Time Management is very important while working on a project. In this, some time management tools can help you, it will help you to keep track of your work, time and make your work compatible with the time.
  6. Preparation: Before starting any project, preparation is needed. You have to keep in mind that all the software’s and tools you have in order to make your work effective and easy. The software’s and tools help us to perform quality work on time. You need to research before starting a project that what is the essential part of the projects and with what help it can be performed.
  7. Creative: To stay in the industry you need to be more creative in your work. People nowadays go with the creativity, it attracts people most. It is apart from what you are trained to do.
  8. Delivery: According to the consultation process you are agreed at a deadline to complete project on time and you should not miss that. You should deliver your work within the time duration on which you both are agreed upon. All this should be defined in your agreement.
  9. Review: This step is not in your hands. It totally depends upon the client’s mood and quality of the work done by you. It is really helpful sometimes because it gives you a chance to refine your work and but sometimes it won’t happen.
  10. Revision: The work which is completed needs to be revised after a certain period time so that you don’t miss any part of your project development. Revision assures you that the development of the project is going in the way it has to be developed.
  11. Book Keeping: Book keeping is to maintain a directory or report of your daily work. It will be helpful to you and your client at the time of the payment. Book keeping keeps the history of your work with the proper schedule.
  12. Payment: It is the last stage when you get paid for your hard work. After you submit your work. The criteria of the payment should be according to the agreement you got signed with you client.

These are the points you should consider if you want to become a successful freelancer. It will help you to get more potential clients and to make better relationship with the previous clients. Good relationship with the clients can give you more projects in comparison to any website because people believe more on client review. I hope that these points will help you to become a successful freelancer and can give you more projects on the basis of your previous work.

Shipra an IT professional working with TecMaestro IT Services from past 2 yrs as Web Analyst and have 5 yrs of experience in IT industry. By profession I am an IT engineer but very much passionate about reading books, this became my passion because I am always curious to know more about the world and the Industry and to know more what can be better source than the books and blogs. I love to share my knowledge with others. Because I have more knowledge about the industry I am working with that is why I am writing this article about Digital Marketing. I hope this will be helpful for all the Entrepreneurs and Marketers.

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27 Dec 2016

5 Benefits of Hiring Best Software Development Company for ERP Software

Nowadays when we see in our surroundings seems that without technology our routine will become slow, it helps us in almost everything. We have made it a part of our routine. Even if we don’t a single meaning we search it on search engine and we get our answers easily. Website and software has made our work very easy. But what if they don’t work properly or not user friendly, they will make our work even more difficult. So it is really important to get it developed in the correct manner and it should perform the work it is meant for.
ERP is the software which helps organization to manage their employees and the organization. Everything in the organization is associated with it and management finds it easy to handle the organization. ERP software is really important for an organization to manage it properly. We should hire the best software development company to get it developed. There are many benefits of hiring the best software development company to get the ERP software developed.


  1. Proficiency: The software development companies are having experience in developing ERP software. They will be developing the software according to the needs and requirements of the software as well as they will be using their experiences too make it more user friendly. They will be having proficient developers who will get your software developed with the best possible features that will help you to manage your organization and make your work more easy and effective.


  1. Affordable ERP Application Software: ERP software is the soul of any organization because it helps a lot to run and manage the organization. It helps management in many of these such as employee management, resource planning, event management and many more. Generally if we go to an individual developer, definitely he will be charging very high because he has to perform every single bit by its own, but on the other hand the software development companies will be charging the nominal coast in comparison to that individual because they are having the whole development team and they all will be having different ideas in their mind to do the same work. That is why software development companies are more beneficial than the individuals and freelancers.


  1. Work Progress Report: Getting reported on time about your project is what you clients like the most. Software development companies always report their clients on time because they work with the proper schedule and report their clients on time. It is the best way to update the clients and know the views of the clients after the development of every module. It helps client and developers both. Client gets the idea that his software is getting developed according to his requirements and he will instruct the developer if there is any change in the requirement. On developers end he gets the idea that he is developing the clients need and he gets notified of the changes on time.



  1. Project completion and Quality: Before the company starts developing the project they promise client a time period or span in which they have to deliver the project. According to the time limit project managers plans and schedule the whole project. It helps the development team to get the project completed on time. Scheduling of any work depends upon two pillars; project quantity and the quality. The procedure is same for scheduling the project, the projects get scheduled in the module and the quality is the main factor which is preferred most while scheduling.


  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction: To become successful in business, the customer satisfaction is really important. For the companies; customer satisfaction is really very important. They plan, schedule, develop, test and many other activities to provide the satisfactory services to their customers. Because the customer will not get satisfied, it directly affects your relationship with the customers.


These are the 5 benefits user get when he go for the software development company to get their ERP software develop. The software development companies will help you to get your software developed and provide you all these benefits. It will not just give them satisfactory services but they can also get the maintenance services whenever they require.

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22 Oct 2016

How To Choose Best Web Design And Development Company

Web Design & Development

For creating any website there is a need of website design and development, what happens if the choice of getting this work done is made wrong? What if the company does not deliver the committed quality work? Lots of factors depend upon the choice to be made for this process and in the later part we will be discussing about these in details.

How to Choose Best Web Design Company:

It is not as quiet simple as it seems to be, to get the website outlook with perfect sense of business. It is the first 3 seconds when the website view decides whether the client would stick longer to view the feature list or not. A few conception which a user look at for this purpose are really main such as banner, item list shown in index and overall color combination with other special effects make the decision positive or negative about website.

It is also important to note that there is always a purpose of the visitor to be on a particular website, if that particular feature is hidden or not shown in index file properly then also there are vast chances of increment in bounce rate. To be sure that all the features are particularly made visible it is important to have the company that could connect the purpose of site and can learn about the visitor choice. It would be correct in general to say that designer is always dedicated for different domain and knows the exact taste what a client has in mind while surfing through site of that niche.

Some other website design features are:

  • Theme selection according to the business type
  • Device oriented design
  • High resolution images with lowest possible image size
  • Reduce the page load time
  • User friendly style work
  • Easy navigation to go through website
  • Admin Control over the portal

How to Choose Best Web Development Company:

Website development is backend work which needs to be done with specialization as it is hidden but it is the basic root to run the particular domain. Whenever the choice of work is made one must be confined about the type of development he/she is going to use and how helpful it would be in scoring the vast business area. For eg; the WordPress Ecommerce website is not that impactful as one made using Magento or PHP based website development. Hence take initiative with the company orientation and ask as many questions as possible regarding this concept.

Development Working is basically how the user behavior shall be noted and stored in a database for analysis and operations. It also list the panel controls for various different category of users which will hold particular set of permissions for the website purpose to be solved. Thus, company must have the precise knowledge and know about the modules that would in backend while a person surfs the site.

Other than the feature list while taking the work to the company one must be assured of:

  • Previous Work done
  • Experience in relevant field
  • Feedback by the clients
  • Commitment, Consistency and Quality work
  • Support Availability
  • Project Delivery Ratio
  • Current Number of Clients
  • Website maintenance and repair service
  • Ease Control For the owner for management of website

Make a choice of the best company for website design/development carefully and keep an upper hand in placing the price bid, feature list with the time frame so as to have the top quality in least possible time & price.

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04 Oct 2016

Magic of On-Page SEO

Many site owners are not aware of the significance of SEO and the techniques used to execute it. In today’s world there is so much online competition. If one wants to conquer online market then SEO is the right platform. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you to rank your site high in Google/Bing/Yahoo and other search engines. As your site ranking improves, traffic and sale will increase automatically. Presently, SEO can be part up into two separate classes; On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO deals with the techniques one can apply ON the website to improve its ranking such as page load time, description and title tag optimization, internal linking etc. while Off-Page SEO deals with the strategies one can implement OFF the website to bring traffic such as social media updates, blog posting, forum and directories submissions etc.

To make things more clear, imagine your site as a library. Your off-page SEO would be proportional to your administration and readers’ feedback, while on-page is more about what your library contains: the racks, the entry register, and so forth. Every component differs in significance, yet all contribute to the library’s triumph.

Many site owners only demand for off-page work. They believe their site structure is perfect and getting some high quality backlinks, will raise their site ranking. But this conviction is totally wrong. The SEO process is now a lot technical and about making a solid on-page effort.

Google considers not just the back links but a lot of other factors as well to deduce the vitality and authority of that page for the keyword to rank. Proper execution of on-page SEO strategies reinforces the site and can have a speedy, practically quick impact on rankings, as compared to off-page techniques which require more time to improve rankings.

Let’s discuss some basic On-Page SEO techniques that can improve your site ranking.

Content of the page:

Content plays an important role in driving traffic to any site.

  • Content should be unique, relevant and engaging.
  • Good keyword density needs to be maintained in the content. Try to avoid overuse of your keywords just for the sake of ranking. It can harm your site. It’s better to keep keyword density to 2-5%.
  • Add images and videos in your content. You can include relevant keywords, Alt Text and description for your images. It’s better to include small size images as big ones can hamper your site speed.
  • Highlight your content heading, subheading and keywords with bold, underline or italics to make it more readable.


Page title and Meta description tag:

Web crawlers look up for page title and description as they want to comprehend what the page is all about before including it in the search result. Page title should be unique and approx. 50-60 characters long. Try to use less competitive keywords in page title. Meta description tag should be approx. 150-160 characters long including spaces. One can use Meta keyword tag also. Keyword tag is not use by Google any more but is still use by many online directories and search engines. Keyword tag needs to be approx. 120 characters long.

Heading tags:

While writing content, it’s better to divide it into proper heading and sub headings. It’s become easy for the user to navigate and jump to that section which he wants to read. The ideal per page recommendation is 1 H1 tag, 2-3 H2 tags and the rest H3-H4 tags. Include relevant keywords in your heading tags.

URL Structure:

SEO-friendly URL structure plays an important role in bringing traffic to your site. The URL’s, need to be free from ‘?’ ‘#’  ‘@’; these are the symbols which are dynamically generated and search engines bots don’t give the full weight-age for these kind of URL’s. Short URLs containing targeted keywords are preferred. Include hyphens ‘–‘ to separate different strings in your URL structure.

Internal Linking:

Proper internal linking can boost your page rank. When web crawlers land on your page they search for links and if your page is well linked to other sections of your site then they can easily navigate deeper. Below we have mentioned some guidelines that can improve your site internal linking:

  • Try to make your homepage link to important pages of your website as it has highest link authority.
  • Breadcrumb navigation can improve your internal linking.
  • It’s better to have every page of your site just 3 clicks away from your homepage.
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26 Mar 2015

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