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Become a Successful Freelance Designer and Developers

In this whole world almost 85% of the employees want to quit their job and start their own business or want to work as freelancer and it is really easy to become one. But most of them fail because they lack in project management. To become a successful freelancer you need to take care of some points which plays very important role to get clients trust. The trust factor is the most important thing which helps freelancers to get more projects and to make more money. So here we are, with the most important points which have to be considered if you want to start your career as freelancer.

  1. Getting Clients: As a freelancer the first thing you require is the The project is needed with which you have to start working. To get the projects you have to keep your account updated on LinkedIn, Guru or other website to get projects. It will help you to get the projects from worldwide. But you should not forget that the more projects you can get from your surroundings so you need to keep an eye in your surroundings to get the potential clients.
  2. Consultation: Before starting a project you need to understand the needs and requirements of the clients. You need to have a physical or virtual conversation with your client to understand what your client wants you to develop. It improves the mutual understanding between you and the client.
  3. Pitch: Consultation prepares you to make a pitch. Pitch can be of several forms, in this one show his/her preliminary works and a detailed brief about it. It explains the client what you intend to do and to go for the agreement accordingly. The pitch should be very effective in order to get agreement on that.
  4. Agreement: A letter of agreement is very important to make a formal relation with the client. You need to mention each and everything which seems important to you such as time duration for the completion of the work, fees for the work, additional charges for extra work etc. all should be added.
  5. Time Management: Time Management is very important while working on a project. In this, some time management tools can help you, it will help you to keep track of your work, time and make your work compatible with the time.
  6. Preparation: Before starting any project, preparation is needed. You have to keep in mind that all the software’s and tools you have in order to make your work effective and easy. The software’s and tools help us to perform quality work on time. You need to research before starting a project that what is the essential part of the projects and with what help it can be performed.
  7. Creative: To stay in the industry you need to be more creative in your work. People nowadays go with the creativity, it attracts people most. It is apart from what you are trained to do.
  8. Delivery: According to the consultation process you are agreed at a deadline to complete project on time and you should not miss that. You should deliver your work within the time duration on which you both are agreed upon. All this should be defined in your agreement.
  9. Review: This step is not in your hands. It totally depends upon the client’s mood and quality of the work done by you. It is really helpful sometimes because it gives you a chance to refine your work and but sometimes it won’t happen.
  10. Revision: The work which is completed needs to be revised after a certain period time so that you don’t miss any part of your project development. Revision assures you that the development of the project is going in the way it has to be developed.
  11. Book Keeping: Book keeping is to maintain a directory or report of your daily work. It will be helpful to you and your client at the time of the payment. Book keeping keeps the history of your work with the proper schedule.
  12. Payment: It is the last stage when you get paid for your hard work. After you submit your work. The criteria of the payment should be according to the agreement you got signed with you client.

These are the points you should consider if you want to become a successful freelancer. It will help you to get more potential clients and to make better relationship with the previous clients. Good relationship with the clients can give you more projects in comparison to any website because people believe more on client review. I hope that these points will help you to become a successful freelancer and can give you more projects on the basis of your previous work.

Shipra an IT professional working with TecMaestro IT Services from past 2 yrs as Web Analyst and have 5 yrs of experience in IT industry. By profession I am an IT engineer but very much passionate about reading books, this became my passion because I am always curious to know more about the world and the Industry and to know more what can be better source than the books and blogs. I love to share my knowledge with others. Because I have more knowledge about the industry I am working with that is why I am writing this article about Digital Marketing. I hope this will be helpful for all the Entrepreneurs and Marketers.

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