About Link Building Strategy

Link building strategy is one of the very important factors when it comes to SEO campaigns. Not the sole important factor, but when it comes to getting traffic, it plays a vital role. With the onset of Google Penguin 2.0, just creating links does not matter, creating relevant links at relevant places matters a lot.

There are some factors which we should be considering, in order to get the maximum benefit, out of link formation. They are:

1)- Variations or Variety:

Have variety, when it comes to links, variety as in, the sources where you place the links, the keywords, you are using in order to place the links should not be the same always. Have variations of the keywords such as, if you own a site related to Home décor` , use keywords like, home decoration, decoration ideas, decoration services, home improvement, Interior decoration etc. Do not just stick to one keyword at all the places.

You never know, if in future, Google comes with a new update which makes using a single keyword, or submitting your links to just one kind of source a negative point, then you are busted big time. All your effort in creating links will go in vain just like that. So, it is better to have diversity, which solidifies your effort, and cushions any impact which Google update can bring in future.

Common link building strategies or sources for link building include:

Social Bookmarking – There are many sites, which can help to get a back link. Social bookmarking is one such area. Here, you can give a description about your business and services, and get link back to your site.

Article Sites – submitting articles can also turn out to be a great boost .There are many sites which can help you in getting this.

Guest Posting – You become a guest on someone else`s site, and give them an article in which you add a link to your site.

Press Release Announcements- You can announce about the services, and give news about your business on various sites. And there are much more resources.

You can use Majestic SEO website in order to check the percentage of varied links you are making, the amount of back links you are creating, and their resources.

High Quality: Getting a single link from a high quality site, is far better than getting numerous links from low quality sites. But then, the questions arises : How do we know which sites are of high quality and which are of low?

For this, we can see, Domain Authority of the site, Page rank etc. More the number in Domain Authority and Page Rank, the better the site is. Choose the websites of higher quality, target the big guns of the web.

Maintain Acceleration:

It is always good, if Google sees your website grow naturally. For example if you spearhead the SEO campaign for the first month and make hundreds of links in the first month and get a good ranking. Then, you relax and keep the site inactive for a month, Google senses that, and drops the ranking.

So moral is, keep consistency, have a specific speed to build the links and then maintain it. Moreover, maintain the relevancy, i.e, keep links in the sites which are of your business or site`s niche.

This also adds a lot of value when it comes to good ranking.

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