Organic SEO Services in India

Organic refers to anything which is in its natural form. An organic thing does not have any impurities added to it. When we talk about organic food, we mean food whose ingredients are grown without any use of pesticide and fertilizer. They are grown naturally hence are healthy and costly too. Purity needs effort.

Organic SEO services follow the same front. Organic search engine practices grow in natural environment of search engines. When correct practices are followed from the starting, then there is no need to have any tension when the search engine algorithm tweaks itself.

What is this search engine algorithm you are talking about and how it tweaks?

A search engine algorithm is a mathematical formula, which is a used by search engines to decide which web page should be given which rank.

Still confused? Let’s make it simple.

When you type something in Google, about which you need some information, then Google gives you some pages or websites, which you check, and try to find the information you, want. If, you don`t get that information, you type a new one, and get different result pages.

Now, who decides, which pages to select and give you when you type a question for Google?. It`s the search engines algorithm. It considers various factors of a website and based on the query you typed, results are given to you.

Now, every website wants to be in the top of the results, so that they get an increase in their traffic. In order to get in the top position, we try to consider the algorithms factors, based on which it ranks and increase our points by doing various SEO practices. Organic SEO is term used in which we make correct and pure efforts for your websites and eventually get good ranking for you. This takes time, but is for long term, and even if algorithm changes a bit here and there, it does not affect the site`s ranking.

If you want instant results, then either you will have to use Bad SEO practices (It’s like looting a bank, you get instant money, but anytime police can nab you and put you in jail, you lose your money and you lose your website.) Or you can buy ads which can be shown in the results, but it is costly, you keep getting the results, till the time you keep paying the money for the ads.

So it is best to take Organic SEO services, which is long lasting, cheap on pocket, as it is a onetime investment and legal too, in the web world.

7 Basic Yet Most Essential Organic SEO Services Tips

Organic SEO Tips 1- One of the important yet easiest, tip for SEO is to base your page URL`s on one of the key terms of that page, this way the chances to rank higher are better than with the URL`s having @,?, /, \&, etc.

Organic SEO Tips 2- The keywords should be properly sprinkled all over the page, the density should not be too much, and not too less.

Organic SEO Tips 3- If you are providing some kind of service on your site, then it is important to have a “call for action” (CFA), for example , Call Now, Buy now etc.It is better to have your CFA a clickable link , if a visitor, clicks it, Google considers it a good sign ,of the quality of your website.

Organic SEO Tips 4- Google likes it, when it knows that you socialize a lot. Google wants to see the social media icons on your website. So socialize on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Give updates, connect, comment and let people know about your business.

Organic SEO Tips 5- Add videos to your site, if you happen to own a channel on YouTube, and then include it on your site. It can add the time for which the visitor stays on your site, which can do wonders for your Google analytic.

Organic SEO Tips 6- Name your images and ALT tags, Google cannot see your images, but it can read your image names and alt tags, so target your keywords, in these places.

Organic SEO Tips 7- Do include a robots.txt file for your site. It tells the web crawlers the path or direction to crawl the pages of the site.

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