What is On page SEO ?

Web Site Architecture Assessment – It allows us to identify site nature either it’s static and dynamic and proper navigation throughout the different pages.

Competitive Analysis – It allows us to identify our big competitor sites and their strategies, potency, key-words, content idea and many more to make our SEO effective to complete them

Keyword Research & Analysis – Finding the most relevant and SEO friendly keywords based on site them and business, we further target these keywords by going through whole SEO process

 Initial Rank Report Status – Just confirming the current site status

 Meta Tags Optimization of Internal Important Pages – Putting relevant keywords on relevant page’s Meta data to make search engine notice our them and index our pages accordingly

 Log Files Analysis / Analytics Setup – To configure scripts throughout the all pages that makes enable to locate or identify the visits and visitor’s behaviors

Existing Web Content Review – To take idea about content development and other SEO related checkout

Page Development (If Required to Develop New Pages) – To fulfill the content needs according to Keywords, or to make site content rich for strengthen search engine presence

Get Yahoo, Google XML Site Map – To identify the search engine behaviors throughout the sites that help for further action

Internal Linking Optimization – To manage the click distances in between different pages and home pages or different important pages, it leads to create easy internal linking architecture or hyper textual linking environment to speed up web crawl rate and visitor’s CTR as well

Anchor Tag Optimization – To highlight the targeted keywords so that it would be noticed by Search Engine Crawler and Real Visitors as well. Also branding the navigation path.

Dynamic Optimization (If Website is Dynamic in Nature) – Improving and strengthen the search engine presence for specific product and service oriented pages those are located at too deep rather than pages on root.

Rss Feed Validation and Submission – Generate the site syndication in light files or in XML allowing the bots to go to different pages simultaneously from one single pages and real visitors can subscribe so many pages simultaneously as well.

OFF-PAGE Work includes (Directory Submission, Article Submission, PR submission, Social Bookmaking, Blog, and Videos Submission etc) – Very important and regular stuff for strengthen the SEO effort. It allows distributing your content, keywords and link to the entire web. These activities are considered as real path or gateway of Web. It helps to enrich the existing hyper textual environment on the open web that leads bots or real visits to respective web address.

Link Building Services – To generate the powerful external reference from relevant websites. It facilitates the web crawl rate, strengthen identification for PR increasing and make the way to share visitors of your partner site.

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